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Areas of Expertise



Do you find yourself carrying tension throughout the day? Have you noticed your mind is in a state of constant worry, replaying conversations, or imagining the worst possible outcome?Anxiety makes it hard to relax, engage in tasks, and be present with others.


Therapy offers time to reflect on what thoughts and behaviors keep you stuck in this cycle of anxiety. 

Major Life Transitions

Major life transitions can bring on a host of different emotions.


Together, we will work to process the emotions that you may be experiencing as you journey through and adjust to this change.

  • New baby

  • Break-up

  • Career change

  • New diagnosis



Trauma can be a single stressful, terrifying, and distressing event or part of an ongoing experience as in chronic abuse, bullying, discrimination, or humiliation. Experiencing trauma can influence how you view yourself, the world, and relate to those around you.

Therapy offers a safe space to process what you went through and learn how to mend emotional wounds that may be keeping you stuck.


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