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Individual Counseling for

Major Life Transitions

After a big change in your life, you might be feeling more irritable, anxious, or tearful than usual.


Perhaps you recently had a baby and are adjusting to this new role, trying to balance responsibilities with your partner, or are experiencing intense emotional reactions to caregiving for another.


You might be enduring intense isolation following a break-up or divorce.


Career changes, a new medical diagnosis, or even passing a milestone birthday might have you questioning parts of yourself and your identity, your priorities, and your long-term plan. 

You are examining how are you spending your time and the meaning of the decisions that have led you here. 

Major life transitions call into question our own life meaning and sense of purpose.

Therapy can help you navigate and understand your reaction to stress and adjust to this life transition. 

In therapy, we will
--clarify your values, the compass of your life
--understand how you generally respond to stress, and what works or doesn't work for you
--discuss what this change means for you and your relationships
--examine how this change has altered your view of yourself 
--explore new ways of coping with difficult emotions that might be coming up for you

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