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Individual Counseling for


Terrifying situations (an accident, natural disaster, attack, rape) can lead to a trauma response. You try very hard not to think about what happened, but those thoughts and images persist. It's hard to fall asleep, and when you do, you might have nightmares. You feel more fearful of the world around you. You are constantly scanning for possible threats in your environment. Others have noticed you seem quick to anger.


Your relationships are strained.


Trauma can also be ongoing - chronic abuse, humiliation, or bullying can have deep and lasting wounds. Painful messages you internalized from childhood can impact how you navigate experiences and relationships in adulthood.

Trauma can change how you view yourself and the world around you. 

Therapy can offer a way to clear these emotional wounds and begin to heal. Therapy can help you find a way to get 'unstuck' and move toward your goals.

In therapy, we will
--discuss common reactions to trauma
--understand how this trauma has influenced your sense of safety and security
--identify how the trauma has negatively impacted your relationships and how to repair them
--develop healthy coping skills to manage anxiety, anger, and sadness


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