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Are you interested in learning more about acceptance-commitment therapy (ACT)? Perhaps you have tried other forms of therapy before, and you are ready for something new, something different. 

The core tenet of ACT is to accept what is out of your control and take committed action toward improving your life. This means taking action in the direction of your values. But, many of us struggle with identifying our values. If this is you, you are not alone. I have something that can help.


This handout will walk you through exercises aimed at clarifying your values. You will reflect on the principles that shape your decisions and behaviors. And, you'll set goals. A goal is an achievement, a checkbox ticked, like reaching the mountain peak. A value is the essence of your journey, defining how you ascend. What matters to you most as you climb your mountain? 


When you align your goals with your values, you can achieve great success. 


While these exercises are beneficial on their own, it can be helpful to go through them with the support of a clinician. If you think you would benefit from individual counseling, please reach out today.

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Mountains teach us that reaching the top is just a moment; the real marvel lies in the path that led us there.

DISCLAIMER: Please note, this guide is intended for personal use, to help support your mental health journey. However, this is not a replacement for individual counseling. If you are interested in setting up a phone consultation for individual therapy, please send me a message here. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call or text 988 right away.
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